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There is no formal membership of Link Culture Vultures, but to attend our events, you must first be a member of Northern Link, the singles social network in the North West.  You will need to give us your Northern Link membership number when you book, although non-members are allowed to attend two events to see if they like our group.


Most events are listed in the Northern Link programme three to four months in advance, but this is often well before many theatres, concert venues and certainly cinemas have their plans finalised.  If we have your e-mail address, we can send you details of any late additions to the programme, whether a film, concert or play, so you don't miss out.  If you book for an event we will automatically collect your e-mail for our mailing list; your details will not be used for any other purpose than to process your booking and keep you up-to-date on Link Culture Vultures events.


If you want to get on the mailing list, just click here and you can add your details.  You'll get e-mails every now and then about extra events, etc  We will not share your details with third parties.




You can e-mail or ring the organiser of that event and arrange to send a cheque.  If you want to pay by card, contact Adrian and he will send you a link.


Tell us if you are entitled to a concession, although these may not be available on Saturdays.


Ticket prices are approximate; sometimes they work out a little more expensive or even a little cheaper if we take a large group. The meal is extra.  There is now a 1 surcharge on tickets to cover our phone and postal costs, but we hand back any group discounts that we may get.  Venues may also add a "booking fee".





Membership:  Please quote your Northern Link membership number when booking or tell us if you are a prospective member.  Bookings cannot be accepted from former Link members whose membership has lapsed.


Payment:  No booking can be accepted without payment.

Since theatres etc rarely offer refunds, once we have ordered a ticket for you, if you are not able to come, you must still pay. We cannot return your money.


Your Other Names:  if your bank account is in another name, eg your maiden or previous married name, please make sure we know this.  We have had two instances of people booking in one name then sending in a cheque in another, so we end up buying two tickets for the same person!  We can't afford to do this as the theatres will not refund money.


Groups:  while we are very happy for small groups of friends to book for our events, since the purpose of the Link is for people to get to meet each other, particularly new Link members, you should expect to be given random seats and not to sit together.  Similarly we would hope that you join us for the meal and not make your own arrangements.